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The Herd Historian and his Apprentice

Weber Sunning


Shadowfax Ada's Weber

dob 26 March 2002

Weber is our companion wether who came back to us after spending his first summer and fall at Allandale Farm in Brookline/Boston. He's adored by all. Wonder why?

We consider him the "Herd Historian" since he's known every goat we've had.



Above: Weber sunning, first Hardwick winter
Right: Weber at 2 yo




dob 02 March 2012

Weber's apprentice


Artero and Stetson

Above: Clovis, at 3 months old
Right: Clovis conferring with Weber, fall 2013


Field and Barn Patrols

Meg's Big Sunshine Bear and Poppy

Above: Corey, Eliot, and Luna
Right: Bear and Poppy

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