Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA
To the bucks


Tricia Smith and Michael Holland

The Goats

Alys, Gwynne, Molly, Rose, Remy, Claire, Hoshi, Nora, Julia, Meg, Lisette, Birgit, Meja, Vivian, Iris, Sally, Una, Astrid, Joy, Dana, Chloe, Harriet, Lily, and June


Harris, Rowan, Clovis, Prescott, and young Adair

2017 ACS Winners

August 2017

The goats stream over to the buck barn on a cool early morning.

We were fortunate to have 5 American Cheese Society competition winners this year.


Above: The goats

Right: Ode to Joy atop Greta's Fair Haven. Ellie's Cloudy Down in the foreground. Claire's Mandell Hill to the right. Meg's Big Sunshine to the left.