Ruggles Hill Creamery
Nationally awarded farmstead goat cheese   Hardwick MA
Out and about after the "polar vortex" left.


Tricia Smith and Michael Holland

The Goats

Alys, Gwynne, Kate, Molly, Rose, Remy, Claire,
Hoshi, Ruth, Gemma, Astrid, Nora, Julia, Chloe,

Mavis, Frances, Meg, Lillian, Lisette, Adele, Edith,

Adair, Stetson, Harris, Rowan,

Weber and Clovis


March 2014

Birthing began last month. Despite the cold, the goats have caught spring fever and tussle on the solid snow banks. Julia and her early March newborns spent their first day under the heat lamp in one of the kidding pens in the main barn.


Above: mid-morning, single digits, Mar 4th

Right: Julia's newborns, the morning after, Mar 4th